Elon Musk says an ‘X’ will soon mark the spot where Twitter used to be

Elon Musk has been calling his Twitter acquisition X Corp basically since he bought it, and that is its official legal entity name already, but now it could be the customer-facing brand for the bird app, too. Or soon-to-be-former-bird-app, actually.

Musk tweeted late Saturday night that he’d replace the Twitter bitter logo with an ‘X’ logo as soon as Sunday or Monday “worldwide,” provided he got a good-looking enough one submitted in time. Musk then tweeted on Sunday a short teaser animation of an X graphic on a black background that presumably means he got his wish.

The Twitter blue bird logo and brand name are not long for this world, according to a separate post by Musk on his social network. Twitter’s ‘CEO’ Linda Yaccarino so far hasn’t chimed in on the change on her own account, despite ostensibly leading the company Musk overpaid for late last year. Twitter couldn’t be reached for comment because like a child Elon has replaced the media contact email with a bot that auto responds on a frustrating and endless loop.

Also like a child, Musk seems intent on naming everything ‘X’ just because he likes it and is fixated on it (there’s an x in fixated hope you liked that one Elon); he’s named his new AI company ‘x.AI’ and literally will not shut up about how badly he wanted X to be the name for PayPal when his original company with that name merged with another to make the online payments giant.

As of this writing, Twitter is still Twitter and the blue bird still flies, but that could change at any moment, as with everything this fickle billionaire touches these days.

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